10 Cleaning Tips to Get Rid of Any Pet Smell


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If you are a pet owner, you have surely had the thought, “Does my house smell??”

Your beloved pet brings you years unconditional love and comfort. However, the reality of pet odors is something to be addressed and dealt with. Just because your home is pet-friendly doesn’t mean it has to smell pet-nasty.

Eliminating pet odors in a safe & non-toxic way, is a concern for many pet owners. No one want to coat their dogs bed with chemicals, or contaminate the air to hide offensive litter box odors.

Here are 10 cleaning tips for you to try in your home, as you endeavor to do away with foul smells. You and your pet both deserve safe and natural solution for your pet odor problems.

How to Deodorize the Air for a Fresh Home

1. Make a Cinnamon and Vinegar Boil

2.     Run the GermGuardian an Air Purifier

An Air Purifier does just that, cleans the air and can help reduce allergens and dander commonly caused by pets and humans alike. I love the power of this fantastic air purifier. I have used it for suite a while in my home and man would you be surprised just how simple it is to remove smells and allergens from the air which comes in really handy when you are in the middle of spring and pollen is on everything like a blanket. 


3.   Buy A Himalayan Salt Lamp

Among many reasons for owning a Himalayan Salt Lamp, one of the most well know reasons to is to purify the air in your home easily and without danger to pets or childeren. This amazing piece of nature is like having an open window all the time in your home and cleanses the air, cleans EM radiation from your home, and can improve sleep! This in't the exact one I use, but i am recommending it to you because I have one that is a basket and salt pieces and I love it. It really gets rid of smells and trust me my dog has done a number on my house smell over the years. This one is actually great because you not only have the large surface areas of the salt pieces, but it also boasts the surface area of the bowl its self. I have a friend that has this one and I was kicking myself for not getting this one (so now, I am saving my pennies!) 

Learn How to Clean Your Floors Like an Old Pro

1. Sprinkle All-Natural Carpet Powder

2. Remove Pee Smell from Hardwood Floors

3. Vacuum Regularly and Clean Filter

Alright, there is lots of hype around Dyson vacuums, but as a recently converted believer let me tell you the Dyson Animal has it goin on! I am pretty sure it picked up pet hair from like 1999 in my carpet. I vacuumed my main high pet traffic areas (and with 2 cats and a dog that is almost everywhere) and i had to empty the canister A LOT the first few times, but after rigorously putting my new vacuum to use one surprising thing happened. The SMELL of pet was almost gone, finish with a dusting of Apply Guard pet odor Eliminator and guests actually ask me if we have pets sometimes! 

Awesome Hacks That Will Make Your Pet Places Stink Free

1. Manage the Cat Litter Box

2. Wash Your Pets Blanket & Bed

3. Refresh with Apply Guard

4. Clean Those Pet Beds that Won’t Fit in the Washer

As always be sure to use your bottle of Apply Guard Pet Odor Eliminator to create an odor shield over your pet toys and beds! If you are yet to discover Apply Guard's Pet Odor and Stain Eliminator you are in for a treat! This heavy duty little bottle will get rid of almost any stain and foul smell that haunts your house. 

But don't take our word for it, check out this awesome video of a customer that used our product and LOVED it!