5 Unbelievably Great Reasons to Say Yes to Pets

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With almost 70 million pet dogs and 75 million pet cats living in the United States, it’s safe to assume that household pets are here to stay. Pets provide stability in a constantly evolving world and now, with the help of MonoFoil, keeping a pet in your home is easier—and cleaner—than ever. Still not convinced? Here are 5 unbelievably great reasons why you should say “yes!” to pet ownership!


1 | They’re Good at What They Do.

Let’s start off with the obvious: pets are cute! Smiling is proven mood booster and even the most hardened individual can’t help but crack a smile at the sight of a silly puppy. Pets are cute and for good reason; we bred them that way. While some dogs were bred for their hunting and tracking abilities, others were bred to just, well, be cute. Pet dogs don’t have to worry about tracking down game or herding sheep; their job is to provide companionship to their human counterparts and by all accounts, they are doing a great job because…

2 | Pets Reduce Blood Pressure.

Studies show that people who have pets also tend to have lower blood pressure and all-around better cardiac health. In fact, in a study that observed the long-term outcome of heart attack survivors, the survivors who owned pets lived significantly longer than those who didn’t.  There are several different theories for why this is but one simple explanation is that pets help reduce stress. Whether watching fish explore their tank, stroking a horse’s mane (ponies are pets too!), or relaxing on the couch with a purring cat, positive interactions with pets stimulate the production of relaxation hormones in the human body. A more relaxed person = a healthier heart.

But wait, don’t pets smell bad? What if they make a mess in the house? That’s not very relaxing. 

It’s true, even the most well-trained pet may get sick or have the occasional accident, but that doesn’t mean your blood pressure has to shoot through the roof! Apply Guard Pet Stain & Odor Eliminator makes clean-up quick and easy. You can even use it to prevent pet odors by spraying it onto litter boxes to remove litter box odors and extend the life of the litter itself. Because it is hypoallergenic, nontoxic, and free from perfumes and scents, it’s safe to spray on pet bedding and will not harm even sensitive pets. 

3 | Pets Make You a Physically Healthier Person.

Another possible reason for why pet owners have healthier hearts than non-pet owners can be linked to the fact that pet owners tend to get more exercise—especially if they happen to own a dog. Dogs need to be taken on regular walks outside to relieve themselves and to work out any excess energy that may have built up during the day. While many people find it easy to come up with excuses to skip out on a post-work gym session, it’s a lot harder to say no when those sad, puppy eyes are begging you for a walk around the block. Your body doesn’t care whether you're walking your dog or walking yourself, all it cares about is that you’re getting solid aerobic exercise. Taking good care of your pet has the positive side effect of making you physically healthier too!

4 | They Make You Mentally Healthier Too!

Emotional support service animals exist for a reason and it’s not just so that people can take their pets airplanes without having to pay an extra fee to the airline. The truth is, the world can be a rough place and pets provide a safe space away from all the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life. Even if you’ve had an awful day at work, you know that you can find some peace at home, cuddling with your favorite critter. The mental health benefits of keeping a pet are even more noticeable among people who live alone where a pet provides companionship and someone else to share your ideas and feelings with. This sort of social bonding has a profound psychological effect, releasing “feel-good” hormones in the brain that provide a general sense of well-being. And all of that heart-healthy exercise you get while walking your dog? It turns out that exercise is good for the mind too, not to mention all the Vitamin D you’ll be getting while walking your pup out in the sunshine.


5 | Pets Help Their Humans Socialize

Pets are awesome in one more amazing, frequently overlooked way: they are the ultimate icebreaker! Technology makes our modern lives more convenient and efficient but it also lends to an increasing sense of loneliness. We’re more connected than ever but we spend less quality time with other people than ever before. Whether you’re waiting in an elevator or walking down the street, it’s easy to ignore and be ignored by your fellow human beings. But you know what people have a harder time ignoring? Pets! Try walking down a sidewalk with a dog. The same people that would ignore you by yourself now smile and say hello. Instead of standing in awkward silence in the elevator, people ask if they can pet your dog. Other pet people are typically friendly and love talking about their pets! Strike up a conversation with another pet-lover and see where it leads! Just one more reason why having a pet is 100% awesome.

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