5 Brilliant Tips to Actually Conquer Dog Odors For Good

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You love your pets, but you hate the odors that come with having pets in the house. We’ll show you five of the best ways to eradicate those pet smells from your home and enjoy life more freely with your pets.


Wash pet bedding on a regular basis

It’s easy to overlook pet beds when it’s hard enough to keep the rest of the house clean. But washing your pet’s bedding at least once per month can make a big difference in eliminating pet odors from your home. 

Pet bedding may be oversized, so adjust your washer setting accordingly. Look at the care instructions; dry cleaning may be recommended. The padding may or may not be machine washable. You can still air it out by leaving it in a clean, dry outdoor setting for several hours. 

Spray your pet’s bed with Apply Guard to form a shield against smells. It’s safe to use on your pet’s bedding because it is non-toxic, yet highly effective for removing odors.

If you want an in depth tutorial on How to Clean Your Pet Beds you can Read it on our blog! 

Use an air purifier

Air purifying machines are lifesavers for pet owners, especially if you have an indoor litter box. They work hard all day and night to remove pet smells from the air in your home. 

You can purchase a model that absorbs odors with activated carbon, or you can choose a model that uses catalysts to neutralize odors. There are different sizes and types to suit most budgets.

Air purifiers can pose a significant cost, but they are a one-time major expense. You will need to clean or purchase new filters regularly for maximum efficiency. However, air purifiers are a highly effective solution for eliminating pet smells from your home.

Use a black light to locate odor sources


Want to know exactly where the odor originates? Rather than following your nose to the stinky smell, try using a black light. They are inexpensive to purchase at most major retailers. Black lights make certain elements glow, including phosphorus, which is found in body fluids. If your pet has caused a smell due to body fluids, the black light will find it.

The key to locating odor sources with a black light is making your rooms as dark as possible. You’ll need to close off any light sources. If your curtains or blinds let in light, use painter’s tape to temporarily block light off by covering windows with newspaper or other lightweight material. The tape will also be helpful for marking the areas where the black light shows stains.

We love this little hand held blacklight from amazon and it's less than $10! See it on amazon.

Use a steam cleaner on your carpets


Residue from pet urine or feces can sink deep into the fibers of your carpet, leaving traces of stinky smells. It’s difficult to remove the problem with spot cleaning and vacuuming. You need superpowered cleaning to get rid of the smell, and that can be accomplished through steam cleaning.

To remove the bacteria that cause the smells, buy a rug shampoo and rent, borrow, or purchase a steam cleaner. Follow the manufacturer instructions for steam cleaning, and make sure your carpets are dry before you allow pets to return to the area. Plan to steam clean once per month if pet smells are a problem in your home.

If you don’t have the time or inclination to steam clean your own carpets, hire a professional service to do it for you. You’ll have a fresher smelling home soon when your carpets are deep cleaned.

Eliminate repeat accident areas

how to clean up puppy pee

Once your pet goes potty in one area, it will turn into their favorite spot unless you take steps to eliminate it. Don’t use ammonia to clean up pet messes, because ammonia is the scent they pick up to do their repeat accidents. 

Every time you notice a urine accident, clean it up as quickly as possible. Soak it up with newspaper and/or paper towels. Then take those materials to an appropriate outdoor potty area. Lead your pet to the area to pick up the scent as a signal to return to that area when it’s time to go potty. 

Back inside, rinse the area with water and use Apply Guard to eradicate the smell. It’s a safe, non-toxic cleaner that won’t leave negative effects with lots of chemicals.

Bonus tips for a fresh-smelling home with pets:

give your dog a bath

Bathe your pet frequently, up to once per week if they have oily skin. This will help stop odors where they start.

Clean your pet’s collar by soaking in hot water with a few drops of animal shampoo. Don’t scrub with a brush or you could damage the weaving. Rinse, then squeeze in a towel to soak up some of the moisture. Hang to dry.

Wash your pet’s soft toys by putting them inside a garment bag, then washing them in your washing machine. You can let them hang to dry or place them inside a pillowcase and put them in the dryer. Hard toys can be hand-washed with one part hot water to one part vinegar, or simply put them in the dishwasher.

If your pet sits on your upholstered furniture, vacuum regularly and use a fabric spray to help eradicate odors. Apply Guard is the best choice for eliminating odors in your home!

How to Get rid of Dog Odors forGood

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