Mia's letter To Santa

FurBreze Pet Odor and Stain Eliminator

Dear Santa, 

I know you are really busy this time of year but I wanted to take a moment and write down the things I would like for Christmas this year. 

I would love a new ball, unfortunately the one my owner get me makes a series of very strange noises and steals my treats, which I have to fight for regularly. So, if you could bring me a really bouncy ball that I can chase and sink my teeth into I would be so happy! If you need to know what kind of ball I have already please view my video below for reference! 

The next thing on my list is a puppy friend! I need someone to love and snuggle and keep me warm at night. If you could find it in your heart to bring me a puppy friend for Christmas I would love that. And really, who doesnt want a puppy for Christmas?

I would also be ok with a baby tiger...

I could really use a new way to travel and wouldn't complain if you get me this mazing Louboutin carrying case. I get so embarrassed by the one my owner puts me in now that I tried chewing through it, Unfortunately my plan back fired because they decided to get me a less expensive one seeing as I would chew through it. So much for being innovative. My humble opinion is, if a girl has to go out, it may as well be in style. (*Note the matching pet bed that would also be preferable to the one I have now 😉)

Last on my list, but most important, is if you would please bring my owners a bottle of Apply Guard Odor Eliminator for Christmas. I am really small and sometimes accidents just happen. My owners have been using toxic chemical cleaners to try and get the stains out and they hurt my nose, I mean they really hurt my poor baby nose. So please get a bottle and bring it to them for Christmas so I can get back to playing in a worry free (and stink free) house! 

Love, Mia!