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Other odor eliminators are designed to eliminate the present bacteria and do not protect against incoming bacteria and associated odors. Once dry, it is no longer effective. Within one minute your family is exposed to new bacteria. Apply Guard Odor Elimination Products provide a shield of protection. Spray it Once and say goodbye to bad smells.


There's an Odor Eliminator for Everyone.

What Our Customers Are Saying

I wanted to let you know that I sprayed Apply Guard Foot Odor Eliminator on my sons’s stinky nasty shoes last night and guess what? This morning they don’t smell. It’s a real miracle!!! Thanks!
— Jay Gaskins
We tried everything and just couldn’t eliminate the smell from the dog beds in our living room. We sprayed Apply Guard Pet Odor Eliminator on them and less than 20 minutes later, they really didn’t smell any more!!!
— Sarah & Jay Calhoun

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